Nothing’s Real

nothing is real
it’s all a breath
it’s all dust
everything I pictured
everything I imagined
nothing’s real

I’m grasping at vapor
dreams and smoke
mirrors and lies

liquid smiles
tears for laughter
I’m okay means I’m dying inside
I want someone who gets that
sees beneath my mask

what’s real, what’s not
friendships: passing
love: weaker than I’d hoped
understanding: dim
misunderstanding: strong

still I’m reaching forth
stretching my fingers
there it slips again
water through a sieve
cloud in a net

and my tears cascading

tara caribou | ©️2018

12 thoughts on “Nothing’s Real

    1. Yes! Absolutely yes! You get it. Honestly I had forgot about this poem but I was taken back again to that moment that I began penning it as I re-read it. How my heart was hurting and the tears were just pouring down my face.


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