It’s only been a week and god
how I miss him
I miss his texts
I miss his smile

I miss what he does to my body
How he could read me so easily
How he slipped in between the cracks
and the chinks of my armor

How he read my mind
and wrapped me around himself
I miss that look in his eye
One of wanton lust

How he’d tear me apart
Rip the clothes from my flesh
Caress me gently afterwards
How I was safe in him
How I was for him and he was for me
Until suddenly I wasn’t

And we fell apart, shattered
And I betrayed him as he betrayed me
And hurt stacked upon hurt
And silence built upon silence

Until now here we are
I look to see, but no, he’s still gone

And though one of the last things he’d said
“I do love you”
And I him
Perhaps, maybe, the hurt, the betrayal
was just too much for either of us

Or maybe… maybe
I keep waiting, my face to the window
Because I’m for him
and he’s for me

tara caribou | ©️2018

8 thoughts on “Waiting

        1. Oh goodness. I could not handle that! It’s been in the 60s here (which is equal to the 80s in lower climes due to angle of the sun and thinner ozone) and I’m so hot! Fortunately I live near the ocean and that helps bring the temp down a bit. I love autumn and winter, though, so Alaska works well for me… well that and I was born and raised here 😉.

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