Seen In Miniature – A Little Collaboration

Face down on the ground
Ass up to the sky
Brilliance above
Resilience and love
Soft and hard below
Lost and jarred we glow

Green blades like towers
Seen maids take showers
A red with black-spotted traveler
In bed with crack-rotted saviour
Spreads her wings and lifts
Sheds his things and commits

Carried away on a breeze
Faeries freeze and turn gray
Predators, prey different down here
Editors censoring playground kid’s ’cheer
But it’s all the same
Brings the white rain.

If only we paid attention…

©️tara caribou & Anthony Gorman – 2018

The world in micro with large-ish emotions carefully crafted by a grumpy Canadian and a free-spirited Alaskan.

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