Nature Lover – Erotica

There’s something about being out in the wild that makes me horny as fuck. Ask me to go for a walk on the beach or camping in the desert or hiking in the woods. I’m all in. Or at least I’ll hope you are, or will be soon. I want to be stripped down, my bare skin subject to the elements and your strong hands.

Like being taken roughly in the middle of the trail, bent over holding my ankles with my skirt raised over my hips and your pants down just enough to take me. Or tucked in behind a boulder at the beach, the danger of someone walking by and seeing us or perhaps hearing my moans of ecstasy. Or standing in a river in the middle of summer, the cool water rushing past our grinding bodies, hot and cold, messy and washed clean.

Like the cool air on our skin while you lean me over the railing at the cabin, fucking me until I can’t hold myself up any longer and then pushing me to the rough decking and taking me like that. Or zipping our sleeping bags together on a winter camping trip, the tent protecting me from the bitter wind but not your hard and soft body. Or standing at a scenic lookout, taking in the view only to feel you brush my hair off my neck so that you can bite me until I bruise, your hand squeezing my tit and the other snaking down my skirt, rubbing my aching clit.

Like you sitting on a rock by the waterfall and me straddling your lap, riding you while you hold my hips tight with my face buried in your neck. Or laying me down in a mossy clearing with the moon shining down upon us and me wrapping my fingers in your hair while our tongues dance and my teeth graze your lips. Or you holding me tight, arms wrapped around my waist, gazing into each other’s eyes as we lose and find ourselves together.

Yes, there’s just something especially wonderful about being out in the natural world with your lover.

tara caribou | ©️2017

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