Drifting Away

I can feel myself floating
Lifting up
Drifting away
From myself
My realities

My heart, my mind
They are far, far away from here
My body may go through
But neither
Are in it

I can imagine
A different life
A different meeting of souls
A different outcome

It’s one where me and you
We’re united, joined
Where we walk
The streets of life
Hand in hand

And neither of us
Except in joy and ecstasy
Where we lay together

And all our past sins
And agonies
Are but mere distant memories
Without holding power

Where we say
What needs to be said
What lays in our minds
Me to you, you to me
And there is understanding
It’s just me and you

And whether we lay under the stars
Or dance in the rain
Or gaze into each other’s eyes
It is good
For we drift away

©️tara caribou – 2017

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