For Him

Satiny ribbon and well-worn leather
Bind gently but soundly around my wrists.

“I’ll take you and make you mine” he whispered,
His warm breath but a soft kiss at my ear.

And down to my knees he firmly pushed me:
I easily willingly bent for him.

Silent and looking up, my eyes implored,
“First, what would you have me do?” then waiting:

And the spark of fire and tenderness there
Ignited my lust, passion, and desire.

With love, I’ll give every part of myself,
For him and him only my heart does beat.

©️tara caribou – 2018

A.P. Christopher challenged me to write something using the Blank Verse style of poetry. That’s ten syllables, five feet, non-rhyming. I suck at this. I had 22 minutes. I’m not telling you how long this took me, but it wasn’t 22 minutes. I’m sure I didn’t do it correctly in the end, it doesn’t feel right or sound right to me. I finally gave up…. sorry. Still. I appreciated the challenge.

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