The Chair – Erotica

While he peacefully slept, I quietly placed a chair next to the bed, just out of reach. I primped and preened, donned the satiny black teddie, sans thong, and got into position. I straddled the chair, facing away from him, my long curls flowing down my back, I looked over my shoulder and called out his name.

Sleep gradually left him and I saw when dreams turned to reality in his glistening eyes. Without a word, I found my rhythm, dancing without music, serenading my Lover, my hands as lyrics and my body as orchestra.

My fingers caressed my skin, grazing down my neck, across my ample tits, down my ribs, over my curving hips and down to my full thighs. If his groaning was any indication, my Lover was enjoying the show. Spurred on, I continued making love to myself for him.

I let my hands trail their way back up, knowing his burning eyes are following their every move. One hand at my throat, the other gripping my hair roughly, like his own hands would. I yank back roughly, unable to hold back my guttural reaction, I audibly moan. “Fuck!” I hear from behind me. I look over my shoulder.

He’s fisted his hard cock, pumping himself. mmmm. Two can play at that. Slowly I stand up, knowing where his eyes are, I step back and lean over, just a little, running my hands down my ribs and over my ass, slapping myself. I turn and face forward taking up my position again, only now he can see me spread before him, showing my glistening feminine glory. I know it’s a tease, not being able to touch, so my hands become his.

I continue playing my siren’s song. Sliding my hands down over the silky fabric barely covering my tits, squeezing visibly. When my fingers reach my pussy, I don’t hesitate; fingers gliding, flicking, pinching. I can smell myself, it’s a heady perfume all around me. His groans become louder, his movements erratic. I match him stroke for stroke. My head thrown back, moaning, wishing for more.

I want him. This isn’t going as planned. And so in an instant, I’m on him, straddling his leg, his cock in my mouth. I’m getting myself off riding his leg, juices flowing; I’m soaked, he’s soaked. He tastes so divine. I suck him down, deep as I can, then licking and sucking some more. His hips buck toward me, fisting my hair, forcing my pace. I’m nearly choking but damn I’m about to cum on his leg.

Right on the verge, he yanks my head up, pulling me straight up his chest. His lips slam into mine, his tongue licking, he bites me and I bite him back. Teeth clashing, devouring one another.

Without warning, he pushes his cock into my drenched pussy; I cry out into his mouth. Once, twice, and I’m screaming out his name and I’m far away from here, no thoughts just feeling. My orgasm rips through my entire body and it goes on and on. I feel his hand on my throat, squeezing me like my pussy is squeezing him. Then he stills and nearly howls out, growling, clawing, almost angry in his passion.

His grip lightens and I climb off of him. Shit, that did NOT go as planned but damn if I’m going to complain. “Well, Baby, how was that for your wake-up call?”

tara caribou | ©️2017

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