Melion – Collaboration

So impressed am I with his poetry and storytelling, that I debated asking A. P. over at constant VARIABLE to collaborate with me for over a month. So when he took it upon himself to do a “post-process collaboration” on a poem of mine, well, needless to say I was incredibly honored and I had to seize my chance to ask if he wanted to work with me. I’ll be honest, I was frankly surprised that he agreed. I’m proud of what we came up with, this being a sort of Arthurian-era song. I hope you enjoy it, guys. Oh, and if you haven’t already, go check him out because, believe me, it’s totally worth it. Now, picture a deep forest in twilight, a full moon and stars making their appearance, magic in the air…

Walking through the wood one eve I heard the sound of his voice singing softly

“As you walk, so as you should, my Eve, to ground that this choice, bringing cost thee”

I was entranced as I listened, his voice wrapped around my heart, tugged and pulled me

“But yet you dance, eyes glisten, noise of rapture sounding song that parts you fully”

My feet drew near, finding paths I’d not seen before, drawn ever closer to his song

“With each new tear, defined as absent dreams to shores of dawn that hold you long”

Notes swirled around me, caressed and engulfed, stirred up embers of longing

“As coats of fur, as bounty we’ve undressed – the notes remembered by the dawning”

His voice rose and fell, ever calling me closer, and oh! my heart skipped and hummed

“Choice of those who knelt, as I or thee composing art where lips succumbed”

I followed where his voice led, desire bloomed and called, guided me on

“To swallow fair rejoice, shed by the mire groomed and stalled with eyes upon”

There he stood in the clearing, his amber eyes turned toward me, greying fur soft

“Where we should be so nearing this new land, that I, and your reward, made oft”

He howled once more, then yipped and sighed, turned and melted into the trees

“Unfouled, by such adore, these lips and eyes that burn and felt you in the breeze”

It was not to be the last time I would see him, our love was not built upon chance

“Not lost but cast behind the call of seasons of the love willed to entrance”

©️A. P. Christopher & tara caribou – 2018

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