Spoken Word – Being

You can read the original here

I’m feeling a bit down and this sums things up pretty well.


28 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Being

  1. This is really beautiful and heart felt. Everything you’ve said is just so so relatable. It’s like you can’t ever stop thinking about the person and wanting them all the time. Loved this piece!

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      1. I am too, and over-thinking everything is just the worst. It’s like those thoughts just keep going in my head forever… I understand how you feel, because I feel the exact same way. It’s honestly just frustrating because it feels like I’m watching everyone enjoying their relationships from the outside and never experiencing anything of the sort myself. I don’t feel wanted either

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  2. Spoken word. Only through your heart rather than your mouth this time. I really hope things get much, much better for you asap.
    And I know I’m not the person you were wanting to hear this from, but even if I were, I’d never say your poetry sucks simply because you put in way too much emotion in it for it to possibly be bland or boring.
    Here’s sending you a virtual hug, friend ❤❤❤

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  3. I have been there…so many times.

    When we find a way to release what we long for, the Universe fills that void with something even better than you could have imagined or dreamed of. The hard part is releasing what we long for. For me, that happens when I acknowledge the sadness, then focus on each moment…finding something to be in awe of, thankful for, or do something to show myself I am “worthy” of the good stuff. (Note: this takes conscious effort and practice before it starts happening automatically). Then – when you least expect it, something bigger and better than you can even imagine comes along and later you reflect on the tiny little scraps you once yearned for and you realize you were selling yourself so very short.

    By the way – your poetry is really good. You’re selling yourself short on that as well.

    Hugs to you…you deserve to be adored, longed for, cherished – you are worthy of that and much more.

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