Erotic Spoken Word – Oh So Good

You can read the original poem here.

I’ve been waiting to post this one, as it was a special request from my friend Sulaiman, who is now back from his hiatus.

31 thoughts on “Erotic Spoken Word – Oh So Good

  1. Even though I didn’t listen to it all the way through (you know me), it was an amazing piece all the same. You have a natural way of retelling a story through your words, what wasn’t apparent in the written version. I hold my hat in my hand, while I listen to your words, either written or spoken! Nicely done, my dear.

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    Thank you for doing this for me Tara. Hearing your voice in your previous works, I KNEW you’d kill this piece in particular and I was right :’).
    I really admire how you completely immerse yourself in your beautiful poem.
    And also, I’m not totally back-back yet, haha. I’ve actually got a few friends crashing at my place for about 15 days so I don’t think I’d be able to REALLY be back until my house is empty again, you know what I mean? 😄

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        1. hhhmmm I do wonder what those words are. I imagine it varies greatly from person to person. I know what I like to hear. I love it when a man verbalizes. I just made a …. sensual… recording an hour ago and was listening to it and while in the moment, I say things I don’t remember and I have to wonder if it’s what someone would even want to hear. I suppose some would just like it quiet… that’s not me though. Ha!


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