Lessons in Pain

You’ve made me who I am today
I should thank you
I really should

From the crushing of my young soul
To the tearing of my child’s body
Can’t forget the burning of callous words
Or the maiming of my wounded spirit

Not to mention the repeated ripping out of my feathers
I should include the smolder of neglect
The slashing from calculated jabs
And the scraping from dredging up past mistakes and sins

Perhaps the blistering of night terror
The acrid festering from never measuring up
And of course the gnawing of betrayal

Thank you, Pain
I’m ultimately weaker
Infinitely stronger

For you have covered over and
inundated my every pore
with your scouring cleansing power

Grinding away the soft parts of me
Until only bedrock remains

Pain, you’re a glacier
Slow, methodical, uncontrollable,
ever-present, growing and receding,
a constant on my landscape

You’ve made me who I am today
And you’ll continue shaping me
Until the day you steal in and
Take my pathetic life

And I’ll finally float far away to a place
Where at last I can find peace
And know real joy

So thank you

Without Pain I’d find no ultimate balance
For this my jaded soul

©️tara caribou – 2018

You can read more about pain and release at The Literati Mafia.

9 thoughts on “Lessons in Pain

  1. Nice job, and even better if it is a reflection of real life. Then I wouldn’t have to ignore it as too sexy, or too unreal. Lots of nice descriptions, metaphors and an ending that is as peaceful as the grave.

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  2. Pain certainly plays a strange role in our lives, that’s for sure. I would just as easily do without it if I could, but then what would I be without it? Ugh. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. Such a wonderful poem, Tara. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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