The Present – Collaboration

What I like about bluerooster’s writings is that he says a whole lot in and around the actual point. He throws words down and mixes them up. Laying down sentences only to strategically remove a key word or two. The reader is allowed to fill in the rest. I find his posts to be whimsical or heartbreakingly beautiful or laugh-out-loud hilarious, depending on which blog of his you visit. You can find him navigating life’s eccentricities at Elephant Toothpicks, dodging temporal time loops and the occasional shotgun barrel at Lola’s Travels in Alaska or reminiscing love and loss at My House at the Sea. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy our tasty collaboration: The Present

When I gave her, when she met me
at the door, when we, then we, but I had behind my back
something tasty, something tempting, holding it
keeping it, at arm’s length, while she, licked her lips
while I felt her legs, but denied me, she did, until

My eyes flew open wide
Desire churning within me
I was ravenous, ready
Hopeful too

She opened the wrapping. Dark and shiny, One corner at at time
she peered and pried, while I sat, waiting, watching
inching closer, while she, while her breathing increased
and the distance, decreased

My hands shook and quivered
Wonton craving rose up
I was starving, determined
Looking for more

Just a corner, just a flick of her nails, while the paper fell
the unwrapping, the disclosure, while I watched, and waited
my clothes seeming too small, and too tight for good mention
while she, and I, while she looked at me, then we

My eyes rolled back, tongue darting
Moans of pleasurable delight
I was filled, met perfectly
Satisfied beyond reason

When we did, just what I had expected, but then
after the disclosure, the unwrapping
your clothing draped upon the chair, while mine
with the paper torn to shreds, just the blackness
the darkness remaining, while I, while you

My smile of contentment
Sighs of release
I was licking my fingers
Dirty to clean

The present, the gift, a way of thinking
knowing, loving, your hands on my hips
while we, but the paper didn’t tell any truths
nor any lies, while we forgot what, why I came
before I did, and you, and you

Devoured every part with abandon

14 Comments on “The Present – Collaboration

  1. Your intro says it all without saying anything that is neither not true, nor true in the true sense of the word. I’ll read it again, no not my comment, and get back to you!

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  2. I freakin’ LOVED this! The words keep me at the edge of my seat… like a tease! This was amazing! 👏👏👏

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  3. LOVE this! I love how your two different styles flow perfectly together to create the tension and the sense of teasing 💕

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    • Hey thanks! Yeah, it was fun. I’ve done a couple collaborations and they’re always a personal challenge and so fun. Also working on a short story with another writer and it’s been really fun working with him. I’m looking forward to publishing that one too when we’re done.

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