Write Me Words

Write me words:
Beautiful words.
Write them from your heart on mine.
Composing. Signing. Inking…
Trace me.

Sing me a song:
A beautiful song.
My body your instrument.
Strumming. Stroking. Throbbing…
Play me.

Draw on my skin:
My beautiful skin.
Using your teeth and nails.
Biting. Scratching. Bruising…
Mark me.

Eat of my fruit:
My beautiful fruit.
Luscious, juicy sweet honey.
Licking. Sucking. Nipping…
Taste me.

Listen to my mind:
My beautiful mind.
Dark, deep thoughts; fantasies, too.
Accepting. Consuming. Devouring…
Know me.

©️tara caribou – 2017

62 thoughts on “Write Me Words

  1. Trace me, play me, mark me, taste me, know me…love these! This was very well written and all very important to establishing and maintaining a connection.

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  2. She truly was a magnificent creature,
    Spirited and feisty at times,
    Yet placid and sombre at others,
    There was grace in her walk,
    But an air of dominance too,
    An exquisite specimen for sure,
    Even her hairy hind quarters,
    They offered a comforting familiarity,
    For they reminded me of an ex girlfriend,
    Yes she was a sight to behold alright,
    Best damn caribou I ever did see.

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      1. She was an enigma,
        A phantom woman of which I knew nothing,
        But then I felt I could share with her the world,
        The moon and the stars.
        There was an innocence about our connection,
        Pure and unadulterated,
        She intrigued and fascinated me,
        How could she make me feel emotion,
        Through only the power of written word.
        I didn’t need to know any more about her,
        What I knew was enough to keep me hooked,
        Like a fish on a fisherman’s line.
        She was a stranger and yet a friend,
        She is my enigma.

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      1. Quick put the caribou back!
        Only for simply selfish reasons,
        That I’d want no other admiring your beauty,
        For if I were to be so lucky,
        To lay and bear witness that face,
        Then I would fear to fall into slumber,
        In case I were never see it again,
        Such is the radiance and exquisite beauty,
        That is you.

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        1. Hush your words. The beholder defines beauty set to that which he finds most appealing, and I would wager that for as many drops of water there are in the world’s oceans, there would be no other quite like you.

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      1. I liked the rhythm a lot. It flows and is very alluring. Sometimes I’m not satisfied in my work but somebody sees something in it and then I realise that there’s more to it. So we all go through this.

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        1. I always tell people I write bad poetry. It’s how I feel, because I read some just outstanding stuff that blows me away and mine is very two-dimensional and unvarying because this is where my heart is at. I’ve had some comments made regarding just that. Lost followers. Whatever. Like you say, it’s my heart. And so that’s what I write from. And sometimes it’s me hiding behind my love of sex as a safety thing and sometimes it’s very literally what’s happening in my life at that very moment and sometimes it’s me remembering remembering remembering. Projecting. Overthinking. Analyzing. So, I’m a hopeless romantic who writes bad poetry from the heart. LOL

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        2. If you’re a hopeless romantic and you’re drawing from your heart and writing your feelings out, then it isn’t bad poetry because there is substance to it. Bad poetry is the mushy stuff without any emotion. You’re good at expressing yourself and if you keep writing you’ll become great at it. But the thing about expression is that it drains you (it certainly drains me) because you’re just tapping into those deepest places and that sort of leaves you dry or numb and sometimes there’s this reciprocal effect. Your lines strike back. Trust me. I think the first time I started drawing from my core was three years ago and it would always end with me deleting my stuff because it got too hot to touch. Now I’m better and I’m trying to enjoy it.

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        3. I hear you there. I often feel quite raw while writing and then experience feeling drained or numb afterwards. Sometimes good sometimes not. I fall asleep quite often. Many times I am so emotionally invested that I am crying while I write. It’s who I am. Regardless it’s a release I need.

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