Behind Closed Doors

Quiet. little girl
Don’t make a sound
Not a word
Mommy doesn’t need to know
She doesn’t love you like I do
I made you
You’re mine
Keep real quiet
Let me see you
It pleases me to touch you
This is the way a Daddy loves his girl
Don’t cry
No, don’t cry
Don’t you want me to love you?
Do what I tell you
Don’t disobey
This feels good, it’s right
This is how Daddy loves his little one
When I come to you next time
I want you ready
With no tears
If you don’t obey I can’t love you
Maybe next time Mommy leaves
You’ll stay home with me instead?
Would you like that too?
I will show you just how much
A Daddy loves his baby girl
Don’t cry
No, don’t cry
Do you want my love?
Then don’t ever cry again

tara caribou | ©2018

This is dedicated to all those who don’t have any tears visible or a voice left any longer. Private message me if you want to talk about it, I will always listen with compassion.