In One Moment – Erotica

I see you.
You see me.
Our eyes meet
Time stops.
In a moment, just one second,
I see all the possibilities
And longings of a lifetime
Being met in you.

I imagine your hand in mine
I see us eating together
Laughing, lots of laughing

I feel your fingers
Trace down my throat
Yours lips devouring mine
Legs intertwined
Burning skin on burning skin
Hands squeezing, gripping
Nails scratching

Your hand wrapping in my curls
Pulling back, hard
Breathing heavy, raspy, unsteady
I’m wet, so wet
Dripping down my legs
You lift me up
I wrap myself around you

Strong arms holding me up
Now the wall to my back
Grip my wrists and hold them
There above my head
Then it’s your cock
Your gloriously hard cock
Inside me, taking me
Fucking me

Our voices join
Moans turn to screams
Yes, you are mine and I am so yours
I would follow you anywhere
Our eyes meet at the very instant
Passion explodes.
We live in that moment together.

Then you blink.

And it’s just you seeing me.
And me seeing you.
As you

tara caribou | ยฉ๏ธ2017

24 thoughts on “In One Moment – Erotica

  1. Another great post, it flowed well from the meeting of the eyes and through the possibilities. The ending, when read aloud can be very poignant and direct. Really enjoyed this.

    Liked by 1 person

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