Unassuming, She

If you saw her walking down the street, you wouldn’t give her a second glance or maybe, possibly, you’d swerve to go around her, taking care to put as much distance between you both. You don’t know her. She’s nothing to look at except for the tattoos and the cleavage.

Her hair is long and wild all around her, whipping in the breeze or dripping in a rainy downpour; she seems unaffected. She wears very little makeup in which to hide behind, preferring the natural, direct look in her eye instead. She wears piercings mildly, not flaunting or showy or fantastic. The low-cut top shows off her tits and maybe a tattoo or two. She wears a wide leather cuff about her wrist to hide her past transgressions. An unassuming short jean skirt gives way to tall, heavy black leather boots laced all the way up her inked calves.

She walks with neither arrogance nor defeat in her roving blue eyes. Upon further inspection, had you taken the time to notice, you would instead see a hint of sadness, of sheer fierceness, of passion, and of artistic aloofness in those eyes. She takes in her surroundings, stores away details for future use. Perhaps she notices you and files away in a moment’s time a deep wealth of observed information. The way you walk; avoid, notice or ignore; the type of clothes; your hairstyle; what your hand is doing; the emotion on your face. They’re all easy for her to see; you’re an open book to her, or at least as she perceives.

You’d never know by glancing at her, but she’s a lover of music of all types and especially that of heavy metal; even so, she doesn’t watch television, much preferring books. She is full of passion and desires justice. She abhors liars and holds honesty above most anything. She’s of a quick wit but is a deep thinker. She’s slow to anger and quick to love.

But you’ll never know that. You’ll never know any of that because to you she’s plain, she’s physically unattractive, she’s too quiet, she’s unimportant, she’s maybe a trouble-maker, she probably does drugs, and she’s unnecessary to you. In your selfish world, she does not exist. And yet, here in reality, she does. She experiences the same emotions you do: great sadness, worrying fear, lust, joy, blinding love, hope, longing, ecstatic happiness, laughter, pain and sorrow.

Perhaps, with your newfound knowledge, next time you see her on the sidewalk, at the bistro, at the park, you’ll pause a moment to share a smile with her. Allow your eyes to meet. Maybe change both your perspectives. It could be worth it. SHE could be worth it.

tara caribou | ©2017

21 Comments on “Unassuming, She

  1. ‘She’ is the kind of person I ‘would’ make eye contact with, but then I find myself making eye contact with all walks of life. In this world of hate and turmoil, a simple smile of acknowledgement may just stop someone feeling lonely, from thinking twice about doing something to themselves. I’ve experienced other crossing the street, taking their children to hand. I don’t blame their ignorance, I just feel sorry for what they are saying about themselves.

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  2. I really enjoyed this. I think it captures how you feel, and I agree with the other commenters…you just don’t realise that you are worth it yet.

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  3. “She” is one of the most interesting people you’ll ever talk with; so full of words because she’s so ignored, just waiting to burst forth when she grows to trust someone. I was one of these people in high school…just the male version and too many years ago. Take a chance on her…it’ll change your life.

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  4. Our posts are never about us, are they now? I would never claim to be anybody else than the babe-magnet that I am not, but not everyone thinks like that, do they?
    Still If I read between the lines, while standing on my head, looking sideways, while out on a lark, but not on the Caribou Crossing Zone, then some parts might resemble someone, I never have known.

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