Follow Your Lead

My hands softly caress my own skin
They are yours and do your bidding

Stroking or flicking
Pushing or prodding
Groping, smacking

Yes, they are yours, as am I
I’m under your spell

I look into your dark eyes
What do I see there?
Lust? Love? Want? Desire?
No matter

Your voice in my ear
Taking me to another time or place
Instructions of will, of need

I deftly follow where you lead
Longing to feel our bodies
Crashing together

My eyes close
As you allow me my release
And a single tear
Courses down my cheek

For my heart resides
Where ultimately my body cannot

©️tara caribou – 2018

11 thoughts on “Follow Your Lead

        1. No No No!! Don’t give up! Love is painful and beautiful and necessary. We need it. Even the Hope of Love, I believe, is important. Hang in there, even if it’s just by your fingernails.


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