Oh So Good – Erotica

Put your hands on my hips
Feel my body move beneath your palms
Let me slide myself
Right down your leg
Then slowly slip back up again
Your thigh pressing ‘tween my ass cheeks
I rock myself into you
Letting you feel every bit of me
Desiring you
My wrists thread behind your neck
Breasts push out,
Back arches, nipples hard
My heart is thrumming
My pussy is pulsing, throbbing for you
Breaths in short gasps
My hand snakes down my body
Trails along my throat, ribs
Circles my breast before continuing
Down down down
From my hip
To your hard, pre-cum slathered cock
Straining, reaching for me
I encircle you
Paying special attention to
“Ooohhhh Baby
Let me fuck you”

Turning around I drop to my knees
Mouth salivating
My tongue is soft, curling
Licking, sucking
I purr while you’re deep inside
“Ooooohhh was that too much?”
Pull me up by my hair
Bend me over the couch
Spread me wide
I’m drenched, running down my thighs
Thrust hard
“Fuck me, Baby
Fuck me so good”

tara caribou | ©️2018

32 thoughts on “Oh So Good – Erotica

  1. First thing that comes to mind…Posts with capitalized Internet abbreviations, should be considered, but not read outright, (taking hold of the corner of the page, while peeking). When the time for commenting comes, then reconsider options, take a deep breath, then make a new cup of coffee while closing the book and walking away.

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        1. Were you imagining me.. enjoying your lovely poem, baby? 😉 Mmm, let me tell you how hot I got… ooo, still imagining..

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Mmm, knowing that makes it a double-turn-on for me. Reading your poem and imagining you the first time. Then imagining you imagining me the second time. We could keep this going…

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  2. Aah fuck. Reading this while on a study break was probably a mistake. I guess I’m just going to have to extend it for half an hour more 😪.
    But hey, if you have the time to, try a ‘spoken word’ version of this beautiful poem.
    I’m sure your seductive voice will compliment this piece perfectly haha. Just something to think about ❤.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I DID study. For about an hour straight (which is way more than what I usually manage in one sitting). So now I’m awarding myself with a game of football 😂😂.
          Haha, I’ll catch you later. Have a fantastic day, Tara ❤

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