He left her standing there
One Saturday in March
Alone and confused
At the end of their driveway
Her heart already broken
Into the million diamond tears to come
Sobs wracking her chest
Which even now
To choke off her stuttering breath
A young girl gripped her skirt tightly
While the baby wailed upon her hip
How did she get to be here?
Where did it all go wrong?
Memories flashed
Romance and kisses
Laughter and touches
Late nights stealing him away
Still she can’t place it
His decision coming from
Seemingly nowhere
He’s found another lover
One who makes him happy
Satisfies his needs
She thought she was the one for him
He’d said so all these years
Now he wants
Freedom and love
Just real love and freedom
He tried
These last few years
To make it work, really
Tried to conjure something up
But somehow somewhere in there
Realization finally dawned:
She would never be enough
No matter what he told himself
Nor the tears she’d surely cry
Nor the pleading eyes of the children
He’d never be satisfied
Complete in her
So now there she stood
Two small mouths to feed
Her life falling around her shoulders
Like the debris of a demolitioned building
And no idea
Not a fucking clue
Where to go from here

©️tara caribou – 2018

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