Dreams and Desire

Day after day I gaze out my window
Chin resting upon my folded hand
Rain smudges the surrounding landscape
A sigh escapes my quivering lips
My heart squeezes and gasps
Far away across the waves I yearn for him
I can envision him going about his day
Longing wells up
How I desire to be sharing life with him

Night after night I lay upon my bed
Cheek resting upon my outstretched arm
Tears distorting the moon out my window
A sob escapes my tightening throat
My heart sorrows and aches
Even far away across the miles I crave him
I picture him lying down beside her
Longing wells up
Oh god how I wish I was her
How I wish I was the one who he dreams of

©️tara caribou – 2018

15 thoughts on “Dreams and Desire

        1. I tell you there was a time I thought I would have killed the next person was saying it to me but then I realized it is true……you might not see it today but tomorrow you will .😊have a good Sunday ❤️

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  1. What are we without our dreams? There is always a grain of truth in what we dream, and that is what becomes worth striving/searching for, isn’t it?

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  2. This is so heartwrenching… I can feel your pain through your words…
    But do not wish to be her, for you are you and you are beautiful.
    I’ll tell you something a dear friend once said to me… your real soul twin is out there somewhere, dreaming of a time when they will find you and feeling just as miserable as you right now… when you are both ready the universe will bring you together.

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