Sketch 4/4: Unhinged

Try as she might, she could not eject him from her mind. Perhaps she never really tried all that hard, to be honest. Initially she came across his picture, an arm wrapped around a thin red-head, glass raised, foam sloshed over the edge on social media. Tagged with a pound and the words “off the market”. She looked away. Lucky girl. He was gorgeous. Perfect. His shirt was her favorite color. She recognized the bar. It had to mean something, right? She saved the photo and cropped out the girl. Typing his name into every electronic media’s search bar, she discovered more and more photos. More clues unearthed. He drank the same beer she did. Frequented the same haunts. They both owned cats and attended the same university; he was two years ahead of her. Found a video clip, heard his laugh. She was hooked. The day came she read the heart-rending words #shesaidyes. Staring at the words, she felt betrayed. It didn’t feel right. He was mistaken. She would rescue him from his error. She couldn’t let him ruin his life. An anonymous letter to the red-head containing a few well-placed (but justified, surely justified) lies regarding his honesty and fidelity ended the relationship before it had a chance to take-off crash and burn. She stood behind him at the coffee shop. They ordered the same drink, he overheard and they shared a private strained laugh together. She happened upon him, sitting on a park bench, head in his hands and tears unshed. Tapping him on the shoulder, she asked if he was alright, concern in her brown eyes (just the same color as his). Recognition flashed and he thanked her for the kind words as they parted again. When fortune found them dancing at the same club, she was ordering a beer at the bar as he sidled up beside her, touched her left elbow; she feigned surprise then asked if she could buy him a drink. Was it Fate? Destiny? He grinned as he asked her. Her shoulder shrugged and she glanced coyly away, down, lips drawn in a knowing smile of her own. They would leave together, she already knew, they were meant to be, after all, even if he hadn’t realized that yet….

18 thoughts on “Sketch 4/4: Unhinged

      1. I sure wouldn’t steal your hard work… But if you want to try a collaboration of some sort, wave my way! I love challenges, and if you’d like to play, I’m all in! 🙂

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  1. Sounds like one of those Stalker types. You know, studies your blog, then uses your followers against you. A classic example of the wrongs of Social Media.

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      1. i’d make an additional comment on that comment, but it might seem as if I am stalking you myself. Food for thought, don’t you think?

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  2. It would start innocently enough with a random comment on your site. You would be intrigued, but cautious knowing that not all comments are sincere, but are really just edges of some people’s darker thoughts. You would say yes, and they would draw you into their madness, while your arms would be flailing and your legs trying to stem the tide, but in the end, the Comment Monster will have claimed its latest victim! I would be standing on the sidelines, not knowing how to comment, but who should I send it to? Who will counter my comments, when you are gone? Sounds like a story of love and hate, but who will be writing that story? That was my comment to the comment…

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  3. Just wait until the next blog with the auditions for “The Lola Story”. There will be things that only can be explained away by the Comment Woman,so if you are up to that challenge, then we can continue this commenting on that blog….

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