He’s water to her soul
Perhaps she’s become
Dry, desiccated, wilted but
His love is changing all that
There’s life returning to veins closed up
Unused roots swelling
Energetic synergy of twinned loves
Liquid pulsing
Dew drops of his love rain down upon her
Gently rest upon her petals
She’s absorbing him
Slowly opening herself toward him
Lifting her leaves like the knees of a lover
Glistening with new life
Spreading to have more
Glowing in the radiance of his love
He’s rested himself upon many
But she’s the one who soaks him up
Takes him in, drinks him down
She needs him more than anything
As her petals unfold
Perception of his gift profound
She understands
Beneath his quenching love
She blooms

©️tara caribou – 2018

34 thoughts on “Bloom

      1. We all think differently you know, so if we were doing like you did, just in a randomly similar fashion, one that was in style no less, then what I am saying would be perfectly clear like ice cubes in the drink, I don’t yet have in my hand. And you could teach us That!

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  1. English Composition 101-The Metaphor would be my first choice, but I hear it is not that easy to get a good grade, unless you are a looker! The instructor seems to have an eye for the ladies!

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  2. Well if you sign up for the course, I’ll be the fellow with a Manzanita branch in his book, and a crazed, wacked out look in his eyes, so If i were you, I’d take the next door down, and enter the classroom without raising his suspicions whatsoever. We could chew on a few metaphors for lunch, or if they seem too filling, we might just toss a hyperbole or two around, teasing each other as it were, before the class started once again. I might have to excuse myself for a non-smoke, while you would be oogling the instructor and his obvious talents. We could go out afterwards for a drink without ice-cubes, or a walk on the wild side of life, but your Caribou might just be impatient having waited at the curb for those many hours, so we parted our hair right there, and said goodbye…..

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    1. That is only a suggestion, of course. I wouldn’t want to intrude on your life and loves, but we could always do a laugh and a non-smoke while enjoying each other’s company in the northern latitudes. Here is my address for future reference: 57.0488° N, 9.9217° E

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  3. OK. I’ll just sit in an upright position, keeping my hands in plain sight all the time. If you want a copy of my criminal record, then we should arrange those kind of details in advance. I won’t do anything that is not pleasing, unless it is part of the course, but even then I might have to consult my comment partner in matters such as those. I trust her with my life, you know?

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  4. It has gone wrong before. Way wrong! It is just a talent, I have. i would suggest a cautious main course, spiced with the rich taste of our imaginations. I’ve traveled far on mine so far, and it has been less painful to do so, then with other commitments. So I’ll be reading you, and ask that you do the same with me, helping us find a safe meeting place, somewhere in-between our thoughts, or along some lonely stretch of my Alaskan Imagination….

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  5. 4300 miles is just a concept of thought, isn’t it? I might just translate that into Swahili and let the chips fall where they may. If I never had left California all those years ago, I never would have gotten so close to you in a faraway way. Food for thought.

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