You can pierce right through me
To the heart of the matter
There’s no hiding behind anything
No turning aside from your knowing gaze
You look right into my obvious heart
I am transparent
Perceiving what’s within yet
You’ll never be able to touch me
I let you glimpse just a little
And now I’m going to take this mud
Made in the palm of my hand
And I will smear it
Spread it everywhere
Cracks and crevices covered
Layer upon layer and brick upon brick
Until all that’s left is a dirty, filthy mess
No longer worthy
Unwilling to wash off
Or scrape off and peer beneath
No, I will be fine, safe, protected
Behind this ugly wall of muck
Blocked and cloudy and dark
And while I may still be built of glass
You’ll never penetrate inside my heart again

©️tara caribou – 2018

23 thoughts on “Transparent

  1. And you were up early again. Just like your white rabbits, tending to get into blogs where they don’t belong, the thought of 6am being early just doesn’t seem to fit with you, or was my imagination running away with me again?

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