Spring Day(dreaming)

The sun is shining. Two of the volcanoes are smoking and my beach is nearly deserted. Where I live, we get 15 hours of daylight today, as the sun will set in about three hours at 21:35. It’s incredibly peaceful as I alternate between staring at the view and texting with a friend who lives far, far away from me. The waves rolling on the shore. The cries of a flock of seagulls hanging out down the beach a piece. Yep. With all the shit that comes and goes in life and overwhelming grief that rises and falls: still, I am oh so grateful I live here. That is all.

29 thoughts on “Spring Day(dreaming)

  1. Well then I envy you greatly. There are no such beasts in Denmark and the ones in California were not in the smoking mood, although I did manage to hike two of them when I lived there

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  2. If I had an empty log cabin it wouldn’t be empty for long, what with my non-smokes and my non-picture equipment, and my Caribou Slippers and Imitation Grizzly bear rugs. My God how can anyone live without those things? And my Caribou hat, and my imitation white rabbit ear-muffs, and then if I told you the story about the 2 Caribou and the Moose, then

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  3. If all else fails in this life, then I still have my imagination to keep me company, but it tells me lies and not the right ones, like I am drop-dead OK, or just waiting for the next train between Anchorage and Fairbanks!

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    1. I’ve actually made that train ride before. It’s gorgeous!! Except we DID get mooned where the train crosses the highway and some local color decided we needed to see their asses as we were a “captive audience” so to speak.


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