Just A Taste – Erotica

Oh, to taste you
How you want me
I want you
I want to lick you
Start out slow
Build your need
To feel you between my lips
Base to tip
Swirl my tongue around, around
Kiss you there passionately
Your hand going to my head
Entwining my hair
Suck you in deep and slow
Feel your head pushing
Against the roof of my mouth
The back of my throat
Engulf you completely
Suction greater, greater
Consume every part of you
Until you can’t hold on
And release erupts violently
I will lap up every drop you give me
And when you’re done
I’ll drink down even more

tara caribou | ©️2018

18 thoughts on “Just A Taste – Erotica

  1. I don’t seem to have that particular menu. Do you have it On-line, or should I just tell the waiter what I want, when I enter your restaurant. Through the front door, that is.

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  2. I usually read a few reviews before eating out, but if I take your offer for what it is worth, then I might just attempt a new way of eating. If the taste is right, that is….

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  3. True. True, but living a few hours away from others offering such tasting options is a bit limiting. I’ll try to convince myself to read a bit more up on the subject, until reconsidering my options. I wonder is that is why they call it “boning up” ?.

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