Silent Sighs

The snow falls silently
Flake upon flake
Until there’s a drift two feet high
Against my front door
I’ve been wrapped in my heavy quilt
Staring out the window
My hot chocolate long cold
I may be sitting here
But my mind is far away
Across the waves
Longing for a glimpse
A word
A note from him who holds my heart
I wonder
Does he know?
How could he not?
Would it matter if he did?
I am here
He is there
A sigh escapes my lips
A tear trails down my cheek
It follows the path
Many have traveled before
My palm touches the window pane
Does he hear my heart’s call?
Would he answer if he did?
My eyes cast down
My chest trembles
Outside the snow continues in silence

©️tara caribou – 2017

31 thoughts on “Silent Sighs

        1. Most people think they are pathetic when they share their inner emotions. I have literal BOOKS of poetry written over decades. I will probably only share a smidge worth! lol Because the rest make me look pathetic, lol

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  1. This is beautifully portrayed sadness. Your closing by return really brings the reader back to what this is all about – waiting and not knowing, as the snow continues to build. The passing of time in these instances can be brutal.

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