Spoken Word – Tell Me You Feel It Too

Here’s a link to the original poem, here.

19 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Tell Me You Feel It Too

        1. We all will read things a bit differently, no matter how it’s formatted. I like to hear the subtle emphasis, pauses, etc. I enjoy things being open to interpretation but to hear the author read, gives a better glimpse of their original vision. At least I think so.

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        2. Yes. That’s how I look at it too. I was just curious your thoughts on it. As for continuing to do it…. we’ll see. So far I can say that these posts garner more “likes” than actual listens. So am I wasting my time? Time will tell… I like spoken word, though.

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  1. Wow. Totally tripped me and my son out, as your voice sounds so much like mine. Love this. If my someone addressed this to me, I would say yes, my love. Yes I feel the same. Yes, I will join you for forever. I’ll never leave you. ❤

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  2. ok. Now I’ve listened to it. It was very powerful, especially at the end. I’d use wow, but those that know me say that I overuse that word? Perhaps a wow without capitals, would be able to hide itself in a sea of those, whose only purpose in life is wanting to be enriched by one of my wows, but you are not just anyone. so wow, it is….

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