Tell Me You Feel It Too

I simply can’t go another day
Without you
Don’t you get that yet?
We are two parts of a whole
We just didn’t know it until
Somewhat recently
Each of us on our own path
Years, decades passed
Then that one day happened
Somehow (by chance?)
Certainly neither of us watching
But now our paths have crossed
And the question is:
Do I leap upon yours or
Will you come over to mine?
We could travel together
You and I
If only you felt as I do
Colors bright, when I think of you
Appetite heightened
Laughing often
Eyes wide open
Crisp air drawn into my lungs
Ready to dance once more
I don’t want to live a single day
Without you
Why would I?
You make me feel alive
Worth something
Hope reborn
And that, in and of itself,
Means everything to me
Honestly, I scared
I’m scared of what could be
Of allowing myself this one good thing
In my life
Yet, also, I can’t see myself
Living one more day
Without you in it
I want you to leap
Take this chance with me
Gamble it all
On me
On us
Don’t leave me behind
Stay here with me
Hold my hand
Wrap your arms around me
And never let me go

©️tara caribou – 2018

15 thoughts on “Tell Me You Feel It Too

        1. Yes. I woke up from a rather beautiful dream which got me thinking which in turn got me thinking more which got me wistful which got me crying. So now I’m reading other people’s dreams to escape my own reality.

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