Spoken Word – Reflections

Here’s a link to the original poem here.

32 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Reflections

    1. OK I’ve composed my comment. It is interesting putting a voice to someone who has written a number of pieces, both the normal, and the spicy. It is not always easy to know a person by what they write, is it? It’d kind of like in the old days when a song came on the radio and I could only imagine what that person looked like unless they showed up on TV, or I purchased their music. Years later when YouTube became relevant, I was able to see a lot of those same artists, both in pictures and videos. Some of them were quite surprising, due to my preconceptions of what I thought they looked like/were like as people. You’ve just given us another piece of the puzzle that is the real you. Are you yawning yet? I’ll try to be more concise next time…..

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