A Perfect Fit

I don’t want to go, no
Not another day without you
We are, I believe, a perfect fit
Two pieces of a two-piece puzzle
My black to your white
Your hard to my softness
My ink to your paper
Your song to my dance
Yes, it’s been a long time coming
But you were worth the wait
Take my hand
Let’s walk the rest of our days together

©️tara caribou – 2018

7 thoughts on “A Perfect Fit

  1. Wow. Who has a touch of the imagination here? I’d better look again in the fantasy files and find something comparable… ok I can’t- you win again.

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      1. We are, but neither you, nor I knew that. Even if someone told us about that, we’d both deny it, and pout in some corner of our imaginations. I’d propose a walk on the wild side, but you’d be 10 hours behind me with your mind in another time frame, with it raining here, and people talking Danish for some reason or another. It just wouldn’t work out, so I’d suggest another blog to sort out the details, before we could deny it again with vehemence. That’s the only way to do something like that, with vehemence. First time I ever used that word, so I had to write it twice!

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