On A Drive – Erotica

Forget the bedroom baby
Let’s fuck right now
I know we could get caught
But I can’t wait another minute
I want you
I’ve got to have you
Push me up against the hood of my truck
I’ll wrap my arms around your neck
And when your lips touch mine
I’ll press my thigh between yours
We can grind and grope
Whimpers and quiet moans escaping
Teeth and tongues clashing
Fuck baby
I’m starving
Let me taste you
No one will see
I’ll drop to my knees
Your hands on either side of my head
Holding on to the truck
Unzipping your pants
Pulling your hard cock out
I’ll rub you across my lips
Then lick your crown
You taste amazing
One hand reaching for your sack
Sucking you in
As deep as I can
Go ahead
Thrust your hips
Feel my warm wet mouth
My tongue curling
The suction pulling
And when you can’t handle another minute
Hold still
Let me finish you off
Drink you down
Lick you clean
Looking up at you
See, I told you we wouldn’t get caught
I’ll stand up
Kiss you deeply
The sunset reflecting in your eyes
My god you’re sexy

tara caribou | ©️2018

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