Beautiful Soul

Today he told me
I was the most beautiful soul
He has ever met
And maybe he’s right
Perhaps, even though I’m not worthy
Of his time or energy
Since I can be moody as hell
And sometimes I stay in my head too long
Plus I cry a lot…. at least I think I do…
I don’t know, at least compared to most
So, maybe I’m not worth it
But I’m still a beautiful soul regardless

tara caribou | ©2018

But first he called me a Piece of Shit, so….

22 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul

  1. Beautiful soul are few, you’re one of them. You’re worthy.. no one needs to define why you’re worthy.. your existence is enough to describe it. Cheers Ms. Beautiful. 😊

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    1. I’m afraid your writing has fooled my mind into thinking it really happened. Now the fine line between reality and fantasy is getting harder to see, to feel. Congratulations!

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      1. Is that a good thing? Well, I do believe that most of my writings contain a very small piece of reality and mostly just my imagination. But I’d rather not say what is reality and what is fantasy.


  2. I like the last two post when read together. They remind us that we are not beautiful souls all the time and we are not a piece of shit all the time. But sometimes we can be either or both! Mostly we just are what we are which is just what we are meant to be.

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