Fantastic Fantasies – Erotica

I imagine you
Imagining us
Coming together
Voices raising
Curses pouring
Breathing faster
Pushing deeper
Raising up
Pounding hard
Fingers tightening
Hair tossing
Exposing throats
Biting lips
Hips straddling
Thighs spread
Moans escaping
Eyes locking
Nipples hard
Pinching licking
Pussy drenched
Tight and ready
Tongues caressing
Hungry mouths
Perfect fit
Pleasure crashing
Contented sighs
Wishful memories
Fantastic fantasies
Of me
With you

tara caribou | ©️2018

23 thoughts on “Fantastic Fantasies – Erotica

    1. Hahaha! I guess that’s true. I generally use the term when I use certain key words in the writing. Some of my readers don’t like the erotic stuff so I add that as a “Don’t Read Me” warning for them. But, for me, it’s ALWAYS suitable, lol.

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        1. LOL, believe it or not, this big biker guy is tattoo free. Somehow always missed out on the cash or time to ever get one. Someday… Marven The Marshan! 😉 I can show you my paintings though, sure!

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  1. My glasses have some sort of eternal fog, which prevents me from reading posts where you warn about its content. It might be like being cured at birth for bad breath, or wasn’t it the kids who should have walked the dog in the snowstorm, but some of those things in life are just without explanation. And I’ll leave it at that, right there (pointing without seeing clearly)

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