Bound – Erotica

Slap! I was awoken to the sharp sting of a firm hand across my ass. My eyes flew open but it was still dark. Instantly I knew he had tied a strip of fabric across my eyes. The next moment I realized he’d bound my wrists in front of me as well.

The slap and the bindings were all I needed to be wet and needy within just a second’s notice. Slap! Again he smacked my ass. Did I just moan out? Yes. Yes, I did.

He gripped my waist and slid me to the edge of the bed, where my feet fell off with a thump to the floor. I lay there, on my face, bent over the edge of my bed, exposed.

He hhmmmm’d quietly then his strong hands slid across my skin. Starting at my shoulders, running down my spine, over my ass and dipping in between my thick thighs. I moaned again. I was already drenched. Smack! Smack! Smack! “Don’t be so gentle,” I heard myself say. The harder he spanked me, the hotter I got, the louder my moans and the wetter I became.

Every so often, his fingers would dip in to my pussy and I’d buck my hips, trying to give him the best access possible. Which was better? My sore ass or my hungry kitty? I couldn’t say. I wanted it all.

And, just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, he stopped. The bed dipped next to me as he sat down and already I could smell him and my own self and the mixture was intoxicating.

He reached across and pushed me down so my knees were on the floor. He guided my mouth right where I wanted it, to his hard cock. His hand was wrapped in my hair and he wasn’t very gentle when he pushed my face down. My mouth was already open and greedy.

I tasted his pre-cum and that just made me hungrier. Ooohhhh, I moaned around a mouthful of delicious cock. I sucked and swirled my tongue and used just the perfect amount of pressure with my lips. I took him shallow and then deep.

Somehow he got a leg between mine as I knelt there and I found myself grinding on him while I took his head. Faster and faster we went. Oh how I wanted to taste him, his cum filling my mouth. Just when I thought for sure he’d gone too far, he stopped again, pulling my face away.

I groaned out a pout. “Let me taste you, Baby,” I begged. His growl of an answer let me know how hard it was for him to stop. “I want to feel that tight little pussy of yours soaking my cock,” he replied. Fuck. He’s got a way with words.

I felt him climb further on the bed before he beckoned me, “come here.” Awkwardly, with my bound arms, I climbed back up next to him. Then he took over, lifting me up and setting me down on top of him.

I barely had to move my hips to feel his hard length slide inside me so easily. Oh god, he felt amazing. My bound hands went to his chest and his went to my hips. Then it was grinding and pounding and fucking with abandon.

And our voices lifted with expletives and filthy instructions and wordless, purely animalistic cries until in one crashing moment we both let our bodies take over and release every bit of violence within one another.

Then our breathing slowed and my thighs were shaking and we lay there for just a bit and I thought I heard him snore once. “Babe?…. Babe? Can you at least untie my arms first??…”

tara caribou | ©️2018

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