Quite Nice – Erotica

Reach across
Pull me closer
Hands meander
Kisses slip
Bodies press
Suck and lick
Nuzzle close
Breathe in deep
Nip my neck
Squeeze my tit
Roll me over
Spread my thighs
Let your fingers dip
Lips meet lips
Tongues and teeth
Hips grind out a pretty beat
Expose my throat
Bite to leave a mark
Fingers playing
Stroke and pull
Faster with each move
Had enough
Push me over
Stand behind
Lift my leg and thrust
Don’t need a warning
Give me wholly
Everything you got
Give and take
Howl your pleasure
Pant now rest
Slap my ass
That was quite nice

tara caribou | ©️2018

14 thoughts on “Quite Nice – Erotica

      1. Aah no no. I love good communication (when done in moderation) in bed. Makes things all the more hotter.
        And the comments which just leave your mouth in the heat of the moment are always the most sincerest and ergo, the sexiest ❤.
        I bet the dude next to you probably appreciated them a lot too 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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