The Gift – Erotica

What I want
What I need
May be the same or similar or different
Either way
You always know what I should have
You’re gifted that way
Whether my mouth is open wide
Tongue curling
Licking and nipping
Pushing deep down my throat
Or perhaps
You sneak in behind me
Spread me wide
Gripping my hair or my shoulder
Slowly dipping in
Then going deeper, faster
Sometimes you might lift me up
Pull me down on top of you
One hand squeezing my thigh
While the other tightens around my neck
Fucking me so good
Granting me breath, or not
I may be above you
But you’re always in control
Guiding me
Giving me just what I need
Or the best comes when I’m awakened
To you claiming my body
Not asking, simply taking
Because you want to
Because you can
Because I’m yours
Because it’s fucking hot
And I love that shit
Oh yes, you know me
You know perfectly what I desire
And that’s the gift you give me
Building up my passion
Until my body burns
My blood boils
I’m panting, breathless
You’re the only thing in my mind
Those hands and lips and that voice
Igniting my imagination
Giving and taking
Your perfect gift of love

tara caribou | ©️2018

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