a single beam of moonlight
kisses the corner of the bedsheets
and you lie there
just out of her reach
softly snoring while
my body is rapidly cooling
from the drying sweat and kisses
you recently placed across my skin
echos of our cries of ecstasy
are quietly fading from my hearing
I can’t stop staring
you are beautiful and
magnificent and sexy
and for the moment
all mine
no one else has your attention
I alone filled your thoughts even as
you filled my greedy soul
and then sleep took you over
where I know
I am invading your dreams as well
my mind drifts
to those most recent delicious moments
and my hand stretches out
I’m mesmerized
watching my fingers stroke your skin
from your hip down your thigh
past your knee
around your ankle
and back slowly up again
over and over
as they make love in their own way
crossing your stomach
then your chest
now your strong arms
your neck
your rough beard and oh-so-soft lips
I leave no part
of your skin untouched
by my palms and my fingertips
and my hungry eyes
my god
you are so fucking beautiful
and when you make love to me
well you make me feel beautiful too
even for just a few minutes
I am strong and sensual and
powerful and weak and needy
and made whole
all at the same time
I will revel in this moment
me and the moon and our memories
for I know when the sun rises
and the moon
she closes her eyes for the day
you’ll be up and gone again
and all I will have will be
your scent on my sheets and
on my skin
and my hands will have to
become your hands and
I will remember
this space of time
where you were all mine and
I traced
every inch of your body
as you lay here beside me
with just a slice of a moonbeam
resting upon your heel

10 thoughts on “Mesmerized

  1. I’ll give it a like this time, but usually when the blood gets to surging, reading about your hungry eyes, I know, I’m heading for trouble. Riding the wild stallion, knowing what I now know to be true, then when I finally realized that I was writing a comment, instead of a blog, I decided to stop, before it was too late….way too late….

    Liked by 1 person

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