Time Flow

It’s all I have any more
Tick tick tick tick
On it goes
Regardless of how I feel
Where I am
Alone or with you
It’s all there is
Do I make use of it
Or squander it?
Either way, on it goes
With or without me
My eyes close
My chin drops
Mind wanders
Lost in dreams or visions
In the moment it’s so real
Perhaps not in my body
But my mind has gone there
So it must be an actual place
Tick tick tick tick
Has it really been two days?
Where have I been?
Still here
Once you lay beside me
But now the bed lies cold
At some point I dropped to the floor
Blankets down
Doesn’t really matter anyway
Either way
So cold
It’s always cold
Tick tick tick tick
It’s all I have
My enemy, my lover
My constant companion
Perhaps one day
Time will carry away my memories
Rescue me from myself
Heal me
Ruin me
Tick tick
T i c k

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