Press In

Press in closer to me, Lover
I need to feel you
The warmth of your skin
Pressure from your hands
The softness of your lips
Expressions of desire and love

Press in tighter
Let our bodies become one
Flowing and moving
In a dance as old as time
That never grows weary, always gets better
Just sweat and movement and cries

Press in deeper
I’m desperate for you
Hot, teasing breathe on my neck
Just before your tongue tastes my flesh
I’m arching toward you
Your grip strong and sure

Press in like a starving man
For I’m slick with want and desire
And everything I am is realized in you
I’m thirsty for you
Hungry, ravenously so
I’m panting and urgent

Press in perfectly
Take me, make me whole
For your touch sets me on fire
Your eyes kindle passion
Kisses that burn long after you’re gone
Lay your finishing touches across my skin

Yes, press in my Lover
Ignite my very soul

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