Glancing about the house
I am inundated with You
Just you
I can see the ghost of you

Sitting at the table
Cards in hand
Ready for my next move
A glass of water and a pile of wrappers
A smile on your beautiful face

Looking over my shoulder
To the couch
I see your outline lying back asleep
Oblivious to me and my longing looks
If I reach out I can nearly imagine
Your thigh beneath my palm

A shadowy movement at the front door
Stirs memories of you
Crossing that threshold
Kicking your shoes off
Smiling in my direction
How I wanted to throw myself
Into your arms every single time
But instead held myself in check
With a ‘hey Babe’ and a small smile

Walking down the hall
Past the bathroom
I can remember all those times
You snuck in
While I was in a bath or shower
Just to pull back the curtain
And ogle my wet naked skin
Sometimes you reached out to me
Others you joined me
And sometimes you just looked and
Made that funny little growl and
Walked back out again

Across the hall
I stop at the bedroom door
There you are in my mind’s eye
Laying on your side
Your hands playing across my skin
Fingers dancing
Lips strumming my cords so perfectly
Pulling just the right notes from my throat

How I could never have enough of you
How you fit me perfectly and
I fit you perfectly and together we
Made the most beautiful songs
Songs I’ll never forget
Songs ingrained in my soul
Ghosts of songs that still fill my ears

My own hands
My own memories will never
Be a good substitute for the real you
I try to keep them alive
Because admitting
They’re just ghosts and shadows
Would be admitting that
You’re just not here anymore

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