I Want You – Erotica

upon waking this morning
all I could think about was you
your body
your hands
your lips
your hard cock and my mouth on you
last night was incredible and
I want a repeat
you let me rub myself all over you
you let me taste you
you were hard and ready for me
I let my nipples
trace down your chest
your thighs
and you spread yourself wide for me
I was all over you
licking and sucking
pushing my face into your sac
pulling you in to my greedy mouth
you taste divine
your hand went to my dripping pussy
but all I wanted was you
in my mouth
and the tip of tongue
probing and pushing
the wider I spread you
the lower I went
a flurry of tongue and lips
and a flash of teeth
bringing you to the edge withdrawing
then bringing you back again
your taste on my lips and
down my throat
I would dine on you
every day if I could
and when I finally lifted up and
settled down on you
it didn’t take long
for you to release yourself
to let yourself go
and as I sat there
milking every bit from you
your whole body relaxed beneath me
falling into the abyss of sleep
before I climbed off of you
and I sat there
gazing upon you
so completely in love and
that you let me fuck you
without the unwritten rule that
we both must cum
for it to be pleasurable

getting in the way of
the beauty that is us
that you let me be me and
that you let me give my self
my body
over to just fucking you
because I want to
because it feels good
because it makes me happy
and so yeah
first thing this morning
all I want is
that wonderful cock pushed inside me
fucking me hard
just like I love it
with my face in our sheets and
expletives pouring from my lips
and the sounds of growling and
bodies slapping together
and heavy breathing and whimpering
I want you

tara caribou | ©️2018

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