The Heart Thief

I called out to the moon late one night
“Here, keep my heart for safe keeping
It’s been hurt so many times before and
I give it away far too easily
Please protect it from those it is looking for”

She smiled and reached down
And with her beams of kindness
She gently carried it far from me
It remained there hidden away until
Some time later I met a man who
For some reason unknown to me
Seemed to desire my heart for his own
But when I told him who held my heart
And that it wasn’t for just anyone anymore
Secretly, while I wasn’t aware
He lassoed my moon, pulled her down
And stole my heart away
Within his hands he held it
When next I saw his face
And I worried what he might do with it
Yet my worries were all misplaced
For there he tenderly held it
Cradled it to his chest and as I watched
Pulled out a key to his own heart
Unlocked it and placed mine within his
And there it willingly rests to this very day

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