Lay Back and Let Me – Erotica

Lay back my Love
Let me take care of you
No, don’t say a word
Just let me love you

My hands caressing your soft skin
My fingers in your hair
Bringing my lips to yours
Momentarily before slowly moving
Down your body
Stroking my nails down your arm
Turning your wrist over
Licking and nipping there
I know my tender lips
Make you think of certain things
And that’s the idea after all

My hand wanders lower, lower
Until I find you
Hard, ready
You moan
Gripping you, I’m stroking and teasing
While I nibble at your wrist
Suck your finger
I want you in my mouth
Carefully I move down the bed
Making sure to put on a show
My many curves in the dim light
My hands touching myself
Just a little to whet your appetite more

Lowering myself
I lick you, just the tip then
Swirling my tongue ‘round your crown
You taste divine
I’m taking you fully now
Suction and tongue
You like that? I think you do
My right hand goes between your thighs
Pushing and rubbing
That soft spot just above your hole
Now I lower myself further
Taking your sac in my mouth
I’m sucking, swirling my tongue
Fisting your hard cock
And stroking you in time

I want you in my mouth again
So I raise myself and take what I want
Squeezing your sac with one hand
Licking and sucking and stroking
With my hungry mouth
mmmmm oh
I love the way you taste
The feel of you in my mouth
Pushing against the back of my throat
Rubbing across my lips
Your fingers in my hair
Hips bucking up to me
Head thrown back
What’s that? You want inside me?
Oh I was so enjoying myself
But this is all for you Baby

Raising to my knees
I straddle your thigh
Rubbing my wet pussy all over you
While I fist your ready cock
Want more?
Climbing on top of you
I lower myself down
Feeling you push deep inside
Flexing my muscles
I completely drench you
Running down and out
Now I’m riding you
Leaning back, letting you feel
All the best parts of me
Let me feel you
Let yourself go
Push yourself deep inside
Take me just how you want me
Yes! Yes!
Growl and howl
Fuck me
Oh god yes!

Exploding deep within
Release divine
I hold and allow you to ride your high
Fuck Baby
You are incredible
I want you morning, noon, and night
But just lay there
I’ll clean you up
Pull the blanket over you
Sleep well, my Lover

tara caribou | ©️2018

44 thoughts on “Lay Back and Let Me – Erotica

        1. I agree, well oiled and tight is definitely best all round. You want only a little friction but the words must nestle nicely together to form a firm body of text.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I think I’d less of a slapped down and more of a thorough spanking. From what I see that’s what you like. That and sucking on the nectar of life.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. I think this one, let me is real. I would need to look at the others again. The other one I replied on is likely based on something real as its quite specific.

          Liked by 1 person

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