Nights Long Gone

With my face pressed to the frosted pane
I stare out at the bright pinpoint stars
The inky black sky a perfect backdrop
Slowly they make their way across my view
I watch yet my thoughts are far away
To nights long gone but not forgotten
Nights when you loved me and held me
When every room in the house was
Filled with echos of our passion
Now they’re only memories
How I screamed out your name
As you claimed me for yours body and soul
I went willingly repeatedly
Over the edge into your arms
Bending to your will and desire
For they belonged to mine as well
Our bodies slick with sweat and lust
Throats raw with shouts and moans
Fingers entangled in hair
Your weight heavy upon me as you
Pounded and buried deep within me
Once would never be enough
More more more
We greedily lapped one another’s essence
Sucking it from one to the other
Some nights the moon in shone brightly
Illuminating our movements
Sometimes slow sometimes frenzied
Always passionate
Other nights were so dark
We couldn’t make one another out
Blinded eyes heightened our other senses
Yet no matter the night
It was perfect
Whether you warmed me
With the sting of your hand
Or your sleeping body
It was always perfect

I miss those nights
Now it’s just me and
the stars on a cold winter night
with my slowly cooling memories
I pull the quilt tighter about my shoulders
It’s never warm enough any more

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