Sorceress – Erotica

He said I was a sorceress
Putting a spell on him
In which he couldn’t pull away
Even when he wanted to
But the fact is, he left anyway
So I’ve decided to weave
A deeper magic
So that when I mention
Moist lips
His heart will race
And my “perfect ass
Will cause a groan to escape
And “creamy thighs
Will instantly turn him on
And “hard nipples
Will make his mouth water
And just the word “pussy
(even without the “drenched” part
because it always is for him anyway)
Will make him dizzy with desire
And making mention of
My wandering fingers
Or my sighs or moans or screams
Or an arching back or a slick valley
Will all cause him to remember
My body Divine
With its soft curves and liquid lips
Always ready with a beckoning finger
And he’ll be so bewitched
He’ll come back to me
And he’ll devour me on first sight
And with that first last taste of me
And he’ll be forever bound
And he’ll never leave me again

tara caribou | ©️2018

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