Oh, my love
To feel the delicious stretch
As you open me up
Push deep inside
As you dominate and control
Taking what you want
While satisfying me
Breaking me down
Rebuilding me with the broken pieces
Added with parts of yourself
Hold me down, Lover
While I hunger and thirst for you
Fill me
Every part of me
Oozing out of my every pore
Steeped completely in your essence
It’s no longer Me and You
It’s You in Me
What I was is gone
Who I am
Is whole with you
My brokenness
Your brokenness
Together is perfection
I will spread myself
Wide open for you
Take you inside
As you devour me
Tear me up
Tie me up
Direct my every movement
I will gladly do it
Because while you are hard
You are also oh-so soft
While you are rough
You are completely gentle
You know exactly what I need
And in time, that’s what you give me
Oh yes, my love
Together we are

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