In The End – Erotica

what I want is
your hands on my body
your mouth tasting
every part of me
from my soft pink lips
to my arching neck
from my soft breasts
and hard nipples
down my ribs across my belly
inside my thighs
and opening my pussy
sucking my clit and
spreading me wide

I want your hands and your fingers
caressing and smacking
pinching and pressing
choking and gripping
pushing and slipping
kneading and rubbing

What I want is your legs
spreading mine wider
as you push your hard cock
deep deep deeper
inside my slippery wet folds

I want your hardness
complimenting my softness
pushing inside me
taking all of me
stroking all those delicious places

What I want is your voice
guiding me praising me
growling and grunting
questioning me directing me
moaning and cursing
telling me
all you want from me

And in the end
I want to be claimed by you
I want you dripping out of me
I want your essence all over me
I want to hear you say
how I’m the only one and
how good I was and
how much I mean to you and
how you’ll never leave me

tara caribou | ©️2018

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