Laying here with him in my arms
The fever overtakes him
Yet I continue my embrace
Brushing locks from his forehead
Encouraging sips of water
Murmuring my love
Whispering about nothing in particular
But in the moment it’s everything
Wet hacking coughs wrack his body
Still I hold him tight
Burning with fever
I attempt to cool him with cold wet rags
Hour upon hour
He seems to drain away
Drifting further from where we lay
I cling to him
Hang on, my Love
Fight it, we can walk through
To the other side
My mind goes to dark places
Places where I am
And he is not
Illness does this
Brings out compassion
And fear
I smile at him
I’m sure he can see my quivering lips
Lingering doubt in my eyes
I love you
I love you
I’m helpless beside you
And still I stay
Tenderly ministering to his every need
He slips away
There in my arms
A fitful sleep overtakes him
I pray he opens his eyes
Just one more time
His coughs become weaker
And his skin begins to dry
The grey pallor seems somehow greyer
I hold him tight
I attempt to project
Every ounce of love in my being
Straight into him
Giving back all he’s given to me
Wake up, dear one
Heart, don’t despair
Our love will sustain him
It has to
For it’s all I have to give

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