Nights Gone By

long gone are the mornings
when I woke to your voice
when I held you in my arms
when we floated
amongst the stars in our eyes

moons have crossed my skies
night after night
yet I am still here
without you any longer

I thought I had the world
I thought I had all the time
I thought you’d never leave my side
but then I reach over
once again
and it’s cold
and it’s empty there beside me

I promise myself
no more tears
yet somehow
my pillow lies here beneath me
soaked once again
I can’t recall
how it came to be this way

I whisper your name
just to hear it
fall from my lips again
while I summon memories of
calling out in the night
as your hands and body
overtook my own
I seem to recall
long nights of passion
and then too
days filled with laughter
and teasing and coffee and dreams
and moments of silence
just staring
into one another’s souls

one night flows into the next and
they are filled
with memories and sighs and tears
always tears

and I think about you always
I dream about you often
I forgive myself sometimes
I pick up and move on rarely
I stop loving you never

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