Remember Me?

Remember me?

I’m the one who
used to make you smile

At the thought of me,
your heart raced

Your skin craved my touch

The smell of me
made you throb with need

Hearing my voice had you
sighing and moaning in the same breath

How you read my words
with upturned lips
Or shivers of want

To satisfy and
be satisfied in equal parts

For me you lost sleep
You broke rules
You opened your heart
You wept and laughed and screamed

What happened?
Where did WE go?

I miss Us
I miss You

Maybe you could send a note

Let me know you still care
That all’s not lost
That I’m not alone

That I’m still welcome
within your walled up heart

20 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. In all we go through, it is the not knowing that really leaves us longing. Knowing, one way or the other, allows us to choose a direction in which to start walking. Well-said!

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      1. There’s this and then there is what we would like it to be. Things that weren’t meant to be, something different is supposed to land in front of you so just look for the signs. You seem to have already come to grips with it.

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